Digital Signage Solutions For Small Businesses

A digital signage solution consists of many different components from software to hardware and all of these work hand in hand to deliver the greatest possible performance from a digital signage network. In most cases, displayed information on a display board falls into three categories: text-based, directional/indicative and audio-based. Digital signage networks also include touch screens or LED technology for creating interactive signs and videos. All of this content is controlled via a common control interface. Signage companies use Kitcast digital signage solutions to create an interactive sign network that can be used in retail environments, educational facilities, hospitals, office buildings and other businesses.

In addition to using digital displays, digital signage solutions also include LCD displays, plasma screens and high resolution monitors. The LCD panels in the majority of displays allow for very clear and crisp image reproduction. Plasma screens and high resolution monitors have the ability to be highly focused and are used extensively in signage applications. High resolution monitors have the added advantage of better colour reproduction, which allows the signs to be seen clearly even at large distances. Touch screen displays are generally used to provide point of purchase displays and traffic information displays in retail environments.

Digital Signage: Everything you need to know

Digital signage networks also include software that is part of the solution and is used to control the Digital Signage devices, display boards and content through a network of computer programs. This software can allow users to program and manage their digital signage solutions based on target audience, location and time of day. It also allows users to create custom messages and content with text, image or a combination of both and customize applications to include text, image and/or voice. Users can create full colour digital signs which will blend beautifully with any surrounding environment and create outstanding impact. With the introduction of smart signage solutions, advertisers can target their advertising to individuals who are actively using public transport services, which helps to significantly reduce costs for the business.

An example of an advanced digital signage media player is the DVCAM RSVP, which includes a flexible and expandable software application and digital signage hardware that can be connected to a standard computer or a Smartphone. With this software, it is possible to manage and control the digital signage displays and content from anywhere, as long as the user has access to a broadband Internet connection. A DVCAM RSVP can also be controlled by a smartphone, so if the employee is away from the office or on holiday, the system will not fail to display the advertisements. The software can also be controlled through a web browser, and therefore, the user does not need to be connected to a computer in order to view the displayed content. The Digital Signage Solutions Media Player also includes a feature that allows the user to view the content management system information on the screen, as well as controlling it.

A digital signage solution for small business also offers a user-friendly operation. Since the displays are all linked to one server, there is no need for the user to connect to the individual computers on the network. The server can be accessed through a secure website provided by the provider, and the entire operation can be managed from a single location. The system can be set up to broadcast specific advertisements or to display specific products and services, as well as scheduled events, and it can also be connected to an audio-visual system.

Another advanced digital signage solutions provider is the Real-Time Signage (RTS) Digital Signage Provider, which provides a complete, end-to-end solutions including Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Digital Video Recorder (DVR + PC Digital Video Recorder), Video Dome Recorder (VCR + PC Digital Video Recorder), Video Projector and LCD Screen Recorder. This company offers advanced features, such as content management system, event planning support, and a comprehensive media library. These companies specialize in providing state-of-the-art technology for businesses in the advertising, communications, entertainment, and customer service industries. They offer services that include Digital Signage Solutions, Internet-based DVR solutions, PC surveillance and PC remote access systems, Digital Video Recorders, PC DVR software applications, and a full range of LCD Digital signage systems.