How to Spot an Arizona Fake ID

Fake IDs are becoming very common in Arizona state. Most people use a phony id to access restricted services or to enter clubs.


Before you try to fool a bouncer with your fake id in Arizona, it is important to know what a real one looks like.


Are ID Cards Different in Every State?


The short answer is yes. IDs differ from state to state with a few minor details to ensure their validity.


Original ID cards in Arizona are issued by the Arizona Department of Transportation. If you are looking for a real id card, then you can apply for one through the official state website.


In case you are underage but need to access restricted services like clubs in Arizona, then we recommend getting a fake id instead. You can order your fake id from a reputable service such as IDGod who ensure your safety and provide quick shipping services.


However, you need to be careful with bouncers and security checks when using a fake id. Even if you give a bouncer an ID from another state, they can still identify whether it is an original or a fake. To pass through the guards with your fake id, you should invest in a high-quality fake id that passes all the security tests.


From magnetic stripes to microprinting, there are many different features of an original Arizona id card. Here’s how you can identify an Arizona id card:


  • Hologram
  • Laser Perforation Design
  • Embossed Design
  • Lamination
  • Tactile Prints


Before you order a fake ID online, you should know what state id you are looking for. The fake id website must have all the right tools to create a phony id that can easily pass as an original.


What Does an Arizona ID Look Like?


If you are trying to get a fake Arizona ID, here are a few specifics that you should look out for.


Duplicate Photo Space


Arizona state IDs have a ghost image somewhere in the middle of the card. This ghost image is essentially a smaller version of your original picture on the ID in a translucent print. In most cases, this half-tone image is printed behind the text.


If you are looking for a fake id that works, then make sure the text is overlapped on the ghost image. Reliable fake id makers may use a state seal or signature to intersect with the ghost image at multiple points.


This duplicate photo is an essential part of your fake ID since most bouncers will check for them explicitly. It is the easiest way to differentiate between an original ID and a phony one.

Guilloche Printing


Every state ID has a series of lines that intersect with each other. Together, they form a lace-like ribbon that is visible across the ID cards. These continuous lines start with a minimum of two lines and extend to form various branches on the ID.


Arizona state ID cards have these lines embossed into the card using a technique called Guilloche printing. Since it requires expensive machinery to emboss a card, not every fake id maker can do this with accuracy.


If your fake ID in Arizona does not have guilloche printing, then it is likely that bouncers will identify the fake right away. They are known to confiscate IDs that use low-quality vector material and phony printing solutions.




Holograms on state id cards help identify whether a card is original or fake. These holograms are similar to watermarks but are only visible under certain light angles. In most cases, holograms are small, hidden images in the background. Since it requires expert skill to replicate holograms, many fake id vendors do not add them to their cards.


What makes the Arizona id hologram different is the inverted image that it shows. Under regular light, the hologram is similar to the original, regular-sized image of the owner. When viewed under a flashlight, the hologram appears inverted.


Bouncers will often look at your id using their flashlight to see whether the card is an original. If your fake id does not show an inverted image, then bouncers can immediately identify it as a counterfeit.


Laser Techniques


Arizona state id cards use high-quality engraving methods to make sure that it is tamper-proof. Anything engraved with laser cannot be removed without damaging the entire surface of the card.


To get a reliable fake id, make sure that the company uses professional engraving techniques. Before an Arizona bouncer allows you into the club, they will definitely check your id card for engraving.


Lamination Overlay


The lamination overlay is a protective layer applied to the front surface of your ID. In most states, this overlay is done using a state seal or an OVD.


In Arizona, the lamination overlay is only visible when you tilt the ID card at different angles. To ensure that your fake ID looks real, you should check the lamination overlay beforehand.




Perforation refers to tiny, needle-thin holes that form a certain pattern. This pattern depends on the state that you live in as every state has their own perforation design on ID cards. When you tilt the ID card towards a light source, the perforation holes are clearly visible.


Arizona state ID cards have a straight-line perforation. This line extends through the ghost image that is inverted instead of the original image on the card. Since this type of perforation is on both identity cards and state-issued driving licenses in Arizona, it is essential that your fake Arizona ID has it too.


Tactile Features of Arizona ID


Tactile features can be identified when one feels the surface of an id card. In some cases, even the physical appearance of tactile features can help you identify whether it is real or fake.


Your Arizona fake ID should have tactile features on the signature and date of issue and expiry. This is essential since bouncers will hold your card in their hand to examine it before letting you into an age-restricted area.


How to Get a Working Fake ID


Looking for a reliable fake ID in Arizona can be a challenging task. There are many fraudulent suppliers and scam websites available on the internet. These sites might send you low-quality id cards or use your information for illegal purposes.


To get a fake id that works in Arizona, it is important to order from a reliable supplier like IDGod. They can help you enjoy your first club visit and late nights out without fearing underage misconduct.


Whether your real ID is lost, or you are still underage, IDGod can help you get an Arizona fake ID that looks real to the naked eye. You can give them to bouncers and pass them through various scanners to validate their authenticity.


Here’s how you can get a working fake ID in Arizona:


Step 1: Get in Touch


Use the IDGod website to get in contact with a customer representative. They are available throughout the day to answer your queries or to process your order.


Step 2: Finalize the Order


Once you have selected your desired ID card and paid through one of the payment platforms, your order will be confirmed automatically.


Step 3: Wait for Shipment


You will receive your fake ID from IDGod in an anonymous way within 2-5 days. This is one of the fastest services that you can find in the market along with ensuring 100% security of your personal information.


How to Check If My Arizona Fake ID Looks Real


It is always a good idea to take precautionary measures before handing your fake ID to a bouncer at the club. To save yourself from embarrassment or legal consequences, here’s how you can check if your fake ID looks real:


Check the Material


The first thing that any bouncer will notice is how your card feels in their hand. To let you through the club entrance, the bouncer should feel like there is nothing different between your ID and an original one.


You can check the fake ID material in the following ways:


  • Reflective topcoat
  • Lamination
  • Bend test
  • Hologram and microprinting


Security Features


The most crucial aspect of your fake ID are the security features. Your card should be scannable, include a signature, have embossed perforation, and follow all other regulations of the Arizona state ID card.


Be Confident


When you are handing a fake ID to a bouncer or any security personnel, the key is to appear as confident as possible. If they inquire about your card, avoid cringing or hesitating. You should know the details on your card by heart in case the bouncer decides to ask a few questions.




Most restricted places ensure that no kid with a fake ID is allowed inside. Arizona state has strict fake ID laws to prevent minors from drinking alcohol or any restricted substance. Even the business can face legal consequences for serving a minor.


To make sure that your Arizona fake ID works, only use it inside the state of Arizona. Always order from a reputable fake ID website and check it yourself before using it elsewhere.


When you receive your card, try the bend test to see if the card springs back into shape automatically. If it does, then you are ready to start using your fake ID anywhere in Arizona with ease and confidence.